Keen Healthcare

Our Care Workers

At Keen Healthcare, our mission to provide top-tier care begins with selecting only the best of the best for our care staff. We proudly uphold a meticulous screening and recruitment regimen, arguably the most rigorous in the home care sector.

Our Recruitment Process:

  1. Application Form Completion: A step to know you better.
  2. Knowledge and Skills Test: Showcasing your expertise
  3. Interview Engagement: A deeper dive into your caregiving journey.
  4. Job Description Agreement: Establishing roles and responsibilities.
  5. Practical Ability Checklist: Hands-on demonstrations of care skills.
  6. Eligibility Questionnaire: Ensuring we align in values and purpose.
  7. Criminal Records Check: For the safety and trust of our clients.
  8. Barred List Review: Checking against both adults’ and children’s lists.
  9. Health Questionnaire: Ensuring your well-being aligns with our requirements.
  10. Reference Validation: Taking a nod from two credible sources.

Uncompromised Training & Development

Upon joining, care staff undergo comprehensive induction training. This aligns with the Health and Social Care Act 2008, the Care Act, and the 15 standards in the Care Certificate. The blend of theory, practical experience, shadowing seasoned staff, and field competence ensures that our team embodies our values and standards.

Our commitment doesn’t stop there. We offer annual refresher courses and encourage our staff to pursue further qualifications, ranging from NVQ levels, apprenticeships, specialized subjects like Dementia, Medication, and Moving & Handling, to more advanced training tailored to clients with specific needs.

Keen Healthcare’s emphasis on training extends beyond our care workers. We invest in our managerial team, believing that leadership excellence drives overall care quality. Our in-house trainers, consisting of four senior staff members, specialize in various areas, allowing us to keep our training relevant, timely, and top-notch. When you join Keen Healthcare, you’re not just starting a job; you’re embarking on a journey of continuous growth, contribution, and unmatched professional excellence.