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Live in Care

What is Live In Care

Live-in care refers to a service where a carer stays at the person’s home to assist and support them. This way, individuals who need care can stay in their familiar environment instead of moving to care facilities.

What Do Live-in Carers Do?

  1. Domestic Tasks: They help with house-related activities, such as cooking meals, cleaning, and organizing the home.
  2. Errands: They assist with outside tasks like shopping or picking up prescriptions.
  3. Medication:They ensure that the person takes their medicines correctly and on time.
  4. Personalized Care: The carer’s tasks are decided based on the individual’s needs and preferences. This ensures the person receives care that’s perfect for them.

By working closely with the person and their family, a care plan is made during a home assessment. This plan ensures that the individual gets the best possible care according to their wishes and needs.  

Helping With Personal Needs

Help At Home

Supporting Your Freedom

  • They do chores like cleaning and tidying.
  • They do laundry.
  • They cook meals you like.
  • They help take care of your pet.
  • They do tasks outside, like getting medicine or groceries.
  • They go out with you for shopping, movies, or seeing friends.
  • They can act as personal helpers if you work or study.
  • They can even travel with you on holidays.
  • They remind or give you medicine.
  • They help you wash and get dressed.
  • They help with bathroom needs like pads or catheters.
  • They help you move, like in bed or around your house.
  • They can be like friends, talking, eating together, and being there for you.

Why is Having a Carer at Home Special?

Changing homes, especially to a place with lots of rules, can be tough. Having a carer means you don’t need to change much. 

Friends and family can visit like always. If you have an extra room, a carer can live with you and help whenever you need.

Some care agencies just find you a carer and then leave everything else to you. At Keen Healthcare, we do more. We keep checking how things are going, train carers, and even have expert carers for special medical conditions. 

They know about things like Parkinson’s, strokes, or mental health issues. The Care Quality Commission checks us to make sure we’re good.


What’s the Cost of a Live-in Carer?

The cost depends on what you need. We offer many services, from just being company, to medical help, housework, or personal care. For full-time care, our rates are:

  • £…….. a week for one person.
  • £………..a week for two people.

Call us for a special price just for you. When you call, our team will give a quick estimate. The final price is fixed after we meet you personally. This meeting is free and you don’t have to agree to anything.